» Development Plan

n January 27, 2010, the Saratoga Cemetery District Board of Directors created and approved a Concept Plan for development of one of the two undeveloped two-acre parcels located at Madronia Cemetery. This plan will serve as the framework to solicit proposals from landscape architects for design services for the site to be developed.

Madronia Cemetery Concept Plan for Development


Madronia Cemetery provides a beautiful and serene final resting place for residents of the Saratoga Cemetery District and their eligible family members. The cemetery has been serving the needs of the community since 1854 and has provided a rich historical legacy for the community. The cemetery is also a place for the living, offering a pleasant environment for quiet reflection under the many native and exotic trees. Owned by the Saratoga Cemetery District, the District Board of Trustees and staff work to preserve the natural beauty of Madronia Cemetery.

The cemetery was originally established on a 2 acre parcel of land donated for use as a cemetery. Through the years the original two acre parcel has been expanded to encompass 12.5 acres – 8.5 developed acres and 4 undeveloped acres. The undeveloped land is located in two non-contiguous parcels of approximately equal size.

It is anticipated that the developed section of the cemetery will be sold out in approximately four years. Residents often purchase lots pre-need for interment at a future time. Thus, while the cemetery will not be filled for a number of years, additional space must be made available for sales. This plan will address the need for future interment spaces for sale as well as a provide enhancements to the developed portion of the property.

Purpose and Objectives of Plan

  • Develop one of the two remaining undeveloped parcels to serve the sales needs of the cemetery for approximately 25 years
  • Maximize interment space while maintaining the character of the present cemetery
  • Enhance the cemetery’s role as a public open space
  • Recognize the cultural legacy represented in the history of the cemetery

Public Meeting and Board Action

A public meeting was held on June 23, 2009 to obtain information from the public regarding plans for future development of the cemetery. Additionally, a questionnaire was given to those attending the meeting to obtain quantitative information regarding cemetery development. Subsequently the Board of Trustees agreed to develop the parcel on the southwest side of the cemetery, referred to as the Sisters of Notre Dame parcel. On January 27, 2010 the Board voted to include the following elements in the design plan.

Elements of Plan

Any work to expand the area of the cemetery will involve professional landscape design and planning expertise. Based on public input, it is desired that the landscape plan contain the following elements:

  • Access road
  • Cremation interment spaces
  • Raised marker and flat marker areas
  • Water feature would be considered but not a pond
  • Screen neighboring properties
  • Retain existing trees where possible
  • Increase number of trees
  • Water efficiency
  • Green and sustainable practice
  • Irrigation plan
  • Electrical plan if necessary
  • Drainage

Additional Considerations

  • Plan for funerals during construction time
  • Review price structure
  • Review endowment reserve
  • Disposal area for dirt

Other Projects (to be considered at a future time)

  • Perimeter planting
  • Office façade and storage shed
  • Corner near office
  • Screening of well
  • Green burials
  • Identify areas within presently developed property in which to integrate new memorials (cremation areas)
  • Veterans memorial
  • Construction timetable and project costs will be determined when architectural plans are complete