» About Madronia

adronia Cemetery provides a beautiful and serene final resting place for district residents and their eligible family members. The Cemetery is owned by the Saratoga Cemetery District. The District Board of Trustees and staff work to preserve the natural beauty of Madronia Cemetery as well as to ensure that future generations may enjoy the benefit of interring loved ones in their own community.

Park-like Atmosphere

The Cemetery is designed as a resting place for the deceased that can be enjoyed by the living. Madronia is named for the red-barked madrone trees that once covered the property. Now the grounds contain a variety of interesting species. A large Dawn Redwood, one of the few deciduous conifers, often surprises visitors with its gold and russet fall foliage. Oklahoma Redbud, Ginko, Chinese Soapbark, and a rare, patented, flowering Urban Bouquet Ash are among varieties encountered on the well-maintained grounds.

Madronia in the Community

Madronia Cemetery serves a role in the community as an open space with a peaceful environment for quiet contemplation. The trees attract intererst from individuals and student groups who come to the cemetery to see species of trees not often seen elsewhere. Additionally, the cemetery often hosts groups interested in the cultural legacy represented in the history of the cemetery.

Each year an Annual Memorial Day Observance is held at the Cemetery honoring the military service of the veterans interred here.